About Our magical Geeky Boutique

KNDL and KNDL.shop are brands by:

 Sole Trader Filomena Maria Barreto de Andrade Amaro
Adress R. 25 de Abril, B, 2590-295 Sboral de Monte Agraço
Contact +351 911884459
Email kndl.online.shop@gmail.com
Tax Nr PT146924487


What's up fellow geeks!

Welcome to KNDL.shop! We're a small boutique located in the beautiful countryside of Portugal, surrounded by nature and all its geeky inspirations, like videogames, anime, and fantasy.

(Check out this pic of our amazing view!)

At KNDL.shop, we're huge nerds just like you! Everything we do, from designing, producing, packaging, and even customer relations, is done with loads of love, care, and consideration.

Sure, our prices might not be as low as what you find in a supermarket, and our production times may take a bit longer,  but we promise you'll get something truly special, super high quality, that's made just for YOU. Not just some industrial money-grabbing low-quality made-in-china product. And we do it all while trying to be as eco-friendly as possible.

So come on in, explore our little shop, and have some fun. We've got some super cool stuff that you won't find anywhere else!