Top 5 Manly, Masculine Candles. Gaming just got more BADASS.

Top 5 Manly, Masculine Candles. Gaming just got more BADASS.

Gamers, it's time to level up your scent game with's line of candles made just for the rugged and manly side of gaming. These bad boys are handcrafted in Portugal and perfect for geeks, fantasy lovers, and gaming aficionados.


duke nukem cyberpunk-style holding a candle weapon

"All Outta Gum" Duke Nukem Candle - Light this bad boy up and unleash your inner Duke Nukem with the bold scent of tobacco spearming ginger. It's like a radioactive wax that will wake you the f up.


funny doomguy relaxing on his sofa watching tv

"Not in the Mood" Doomguy Candle - Even the toughest and most badass people need a break. Light this candle and chill out with the mixed scent of spices, tonka bean honey, and tobacco. It's like the sweet aroma of demon-slaying victory.


orcs with candles on theyr heads

"Orc Lives Matter" Warcraft Candle - This candle is perfect for channeling your inner revolutionary with the warm spices, amber, cypress, and sandalwood scent. It's like a warm campfire in the middle of Azeroth.


dirty smelly cowboy with crazy face

"Gunpowder & Grizzly Musk" RDR2 Candle - Smell like a real cowboy, even if you're just sitting in your living room with this scent of tobacco, leather, rum, and moss. It's like a saloon in your living room.


kung fu master surrounded by candles in his dojo

"Kung Fu Master" SIFU Candle - This candle smells like an old masters dojo, with scents of incense and other oriental fragrances like eucalyptus, jasmine, and cedar wood. Light it up and feel like you're training with the best of the best.

Gamers, it's time to bring your scent game to the next level. Light up one of these bad boys and transport yourself into the world of your favorite games. Trust us, you won't regret it.

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